War on Terror Becomes a 3-Way Conflict
By Jeff Lukens

In the aftermath of 9/11, Americans almost unanimously supported the war on terror. The unity did not last long. War fatigue has set in and many pre-9/11 attitudes are reappearing. The Left has splintered off and now opposes the war effort. In many ways, the war has become a three-way struggle between the terrorists, and two infighting groups of Americans -- Left and Right.

The dominant trait of the radical Left has always been to reject the call to serve their country. Many ridicule the notion that terrorists are a threat, and some even blame the president for causing the 9/11 attacks. Then they call him a "liar" for stating proven terrorist connections to Saddam Hussein.

Well folks, terrorists are a threat, and Iraq is where many of them are found.

Islamic Jihadists know what is at stake in this war and are committed to winning at any cost. They consider compromise, and the democratic exchange of ideas, to be contemptible weaknesses. They do not play by our rules or by any rules at all. Imagine what will happen when instruments of mass death are in their hands.

If terrorists detonate a nuclear suitcase bomb in a major city, we may have our unity again, but it would be too late. Thousands, maybe millions, of Americans would be dead.

Islamic extremists seem to know us better than we know ourselves. Beheading hostages, for instance, is effective only by showing video of it to everyone. They realize that the fight, lost on the battlefield, can still be won with images and rhetoric that wear away our resolve.

While terrorists plot to gain nuclear and chemical weapons, the irrational Left would rather forget about security. By a reckless disregard of truth and words of mass deception, it seems that Michael Moore fans actually want us to lose this struggle. They prefer to talk about Hollywood gossip and other trivial matters than to engage in the unpleasant task of preempting a major catastrophe.

The coalition of the unwilling also includes multiculturalists who seek but cannot find anything in common with the Islamic extremists beyond their common hatred for America in general and George Bush in particular.

And then there are our tenured college professors. They have long been stuck in a negative groupthink toward anything patriotic and are clueless for solutions to the threat. Their attitude of "blame America first" ignores a danger that has not, and will not, relent or disappear.

One would think civil libertarians would be as opposed to these killers as anyone else. Instead, the goal of the ACLU and other groups continue to oppose common-sense security measures. Apparently, they think they can deal with terrorists after they are done with conservatives.

The notion of standing up for America and our way of life is as much a threat to radical liberal secularism as it is to Islamic totalitarianism. In both cases, America's loss means their gain.

All our country stands for, its privileges and rights, will not last if we do not defend them. We cannot win this struggle if we are complacent and divided. In distant wars with an elusive enemy, it is important we stand firm through sacrifice and occasional setbacks.

Some commentators have called the absence of external threats to our country in 1990s a "holiday from history." September 11 ended that holiday. While we all want to return to a time of peace, the "long hard slog" in which we find ourselves will not be over anytime soon. No matter who wins the election in November, the terrorist threat will unfortunately go on.

As horrible as it is to contemplate, another terrorist attack on America would only redouble conservative efforts against terrorism. Such an attack, conversely, would further expose the Left in its phony posturing. It is appalling to think that millions of Americans may be killed before everyone understands the danger. Let's pray that doesn't happen.

In the years ahead, the ever-present threat of attack and the need for protection will wear thin and perhaps end whatever credibility radical liberalism has in serving the best interests of society. Meanwhile, we should all remain vigilant.

The end game in this war is nothing less than the survival of our nation and western civilization.


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Copyright 2000-2007, Jeff Lukens